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“Further, further, further I need more and, more and, easier and easier it gets heavy and, heavy and, everything throws me off track.” (Wanda: Weiter, Weiter)

In addition to all the external circumstances that make our lives fast-paced and hectic, our internal drive to evolve is a major driver of stress. Please don’t misunderstand me: the will to change is basically to be understood positively. We humans want to grow. Improve ourselves. Grow beyond ourselves. No one likes to take steps backwards in life. This is not even necessary. Sometimes it is enough to pause for a moment and wait…

3 ideas for a more relaxed life

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A few years ago I was swimming and took my lanes in the swimming pool. After thirty minutes of physical activity, I went out to the adventure pool to relax in the fresh air at the massage jets. The swimming pool was almost empty, some meters beside me a primary school child played happily in the water and splashed water around. It was very cheerful, screamed with joy and dashed with the wet element around itself. The father was not pleased and rebuked his child: “Tim, stop it! There are other people here…

Or why independencies create new dependencies

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For a while, I followed a Youtube channel that dealt with financial independence, stocks and passive income. The poor guy was a student, and he went a long way. He invested four-digit sums every month (as a student!), got involved in the subject and was top motivated.

He had videos on his channel in which he showed how he fed on 50 euros a month

Oatmeal with water, vanilla sauce, and apple sauce, fries, pasta with tomatoes…you can imagine what I mean. Which stocks are the best? What does the dividend strategy bring? How much does he earn in his t-shirt business? And so on…

His whole life turned day and night around the topic of money and financial independence

He gave various book tips, lectured on the books of Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo…

How to find out what’s bothering you

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Take ten minutes every day, preferably in the evening. Now think in peace about what has burdened you most today. Write down your negative emotions, fears, and concerns.

What has stressed you today?

You will see: On some days it will just bubble out of you. On other days you will not think of anything. That’s okay. There are indeed days in life when nothing burdens you. That’s a good thing! So it should be. However, reality looks different for most people. Was the boss an ass again and left out his bad mood on you? Did you…

and why it makes us happy

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True happiness often manifests itself in the little things of everyday life. I was on my Taiwan trip “lost in Taichung” and did not find the bus stop with my wife. We asked a lady for the way. Instead of merely pointing us in the right direction, she led us directly to the bus stop for 10 minutes and accompanied us.

At that moment she took care of us and showed us the way

There are often hundreds of opportunities a day where you can help your counterpart. I think that these little gestures are of great importance for one’s own happiness. One often feels better after a small benefit, there is nothing…

Big dreams bring you and the world forward

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Almost every innovation, every new invention, and discovery originated from dreaming!

Herman Hesse once said: “You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.”

Remember: “Nothing is impossible!

Because “the future belongs to those who believe in the truth of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt.)

I want to fly! I want to fly high! See the world from above! In the 18th century, one was declared crazy for such statements. What a nut! He thinks he is a bird, completely insane.

The physicist Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis d´Arlandes took off on 21 November 1783 with the hot-air balloon…

Life on the dark side — What is EPP?

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They live among us. But we do not see them. We don’t hear them. We don’t know them. But they live a life in the dark, hidden. We are talking about people who suffer from the rare disease EPP.
But what is EPP? EPP is a congenital metabolic disease. The affected patients do not tolerate sunlight, often also artificial light. After five to ten minutes, the skin burns so remarkably that those affected have to leave the sun.

Life in the sun is not possible

Sun cream doesn’t help! The cause is not the UV radiation, but the light itself. However, the symptoms are much worse and…

A quick start for autogenic training

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Relaxation begins there
where the will arises
to feel the oneness
and the clarity
to want to make a difference.
(Wilma Eudenbach)

Relaxation techniques are not only something for esotericists and supposed miracle healers.

Relaxation techniques allow us to gain strength in everyday life

With relaxation techniques, you can also gain access to your subconscious. Only about 5% of our actions take place consciously. 95% unconsciously. With some relaxation techniques, you can gain access to your subconscious mind and influence it sustainably. Many top managers and company founders make use of different relaxation techniques. I consider the following methods to be particularly recommendable:

  • Autogenic…

I’m a nasty loser. For a while, I even told myself that I wasn’t a loser at all. That is, of course, absolute nonsense.

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Every human being is a loser at some point in his life

Some more often, some less. But show me a single person who has never had to accept defeat in his life. I would like to make a bet with you: There is no such person! It does not matter how often we lose in life. Instead, it depends on how we deal with the losses and defeats.

We grow with our hurdles and defeats

We learn from our mistakes. We stretch ourselves and grow. For this, we have to lose. No one likes to lose. I hate to lose. As a little child, I already played with my grandmother ludo. I almost always won. The first time…

How to overcome your self-doubts with affirmations and live a better life

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“Skepticism means not only spiritual doubt, but also moral doubt, all sorts of disbelief, dishonesty, spiritual paralysis.” (Thomas Carlyle)

The rule of 5 for winners

Affirmation has a lot to do with repetition. We influence our subconscious by feeding it over and over again with the same information. The rule of 5 for winners is an easy exercise, but it requires a lot of discipline. Pick out five characteristics or character traits that you would like to have. Then formulate a sentence that you repeat exactly ten times in the morning and evening. You should look in the mirror while speaking. For example, you know which…

Simon Ternyik

Author, entrepreneur, social worker and manager of social and health services M.A. Writes about happiness, personal development, wealth, start-ups and stocks.

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